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Births: Dominican, Feb. 22; Sutter, Feb. 19 to March 2

Published Sunday March 12

Morris: Feb. 22, 12:53 in the afternoon to Candy Sue Harker and Chad Francis Morris, Santa Cruz, an 8-pound 10-ounce girl, Emmaleen Frances

Rovick: Feb. nineteen at 9:56 in the afternoon to Jeanna Clair Saccomano and Patrick Leif Rovick, Pacific Grove, a 7-pound 13-ounce boy, Forrest Raphael

Murdock: Feb. twenty at 1:19 in the morning to Monica Claire and Ryan Andrew Murdock, Santa Cruz, a 7-pound 11-ounce boy, Logan Phillip

Kebebew: Feb. 22 at 9:03 in the morning to Evin Arici and Deutron Kebebew, Watsonville, an 8-pound 3-ounce girl, Lula Zeynep

Currid: Feb. 23 at 8:30 in the morning to Gabriela Marquez and Evan Michael Currid, Santa Cruz, a 7-pound 8-ounce boy, Gavin Cruz

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