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Letters, Feb. 3, 2017: Rain, rain, go away

Published Friday February 3

Harry Reid opened the door for ‘nuclear option’

Whoever is praying for rain, you can stop now.

Harry Reid opened the door for ‘nuclear option’

We are told if the Senate does not approve Trump’s pick for Supreme Court, the so-called “nuclear option” is to be used. Well as repulsive as that is, Harry Reid opened the door, and as the saying goes, payback is a…. It would serve the Democrats if this is how it all happens. Still, if you read this judge’s rulings, he is always to the letter of the America Constitution. Call me crazy, but is that not what the court is supposed to do, you know, actually uphold that document?

— Jarod J. Ln. Scotts Valley

America’s white working class has a choice

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